Donald Trump goes off the deep end after humiliating Republican loss in Wisconsin

When the Democratic Party-backed candidate won yesterday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election by a whopping ten points, it was a reminder of just how toxically unpopular the Republican Party has become in moderate swing states – partly thanks to Donald Trump.


But Trump can’t understand that concept of course. He’s now insisting on his own social network that the right wing candidate only lost in Wisconsin because he refused to seek Trump’s endorsement.


This is delusional to the point of being unintentionally hilarious. Trump lost Wisconsin in 2020, so it’s not as if his endorsement would have somehow made the right wing Supreme Court candidate more appealing to Wisconsin’s voting base. Trump’s endorsement in a statewide race in Wisconsin would have been a wash at best.

Now that Trump is being arrested and is more toxically unpopular than ever, it’s laughable to think that he could have helped this candidate overcome a ten point deficit. What Trump helped turn the Republican Party into is why they’re now losing swing state elections by ten points.

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