Donald Trump Jr. is even further gone than we knew

Donald Trump Jr. is watching his world crumble around him right now. His father Donald Trump has been indicted and arrested, with multiple more indictments to come. The Trump Organization is being dismantled by investigators as well.


Now Trump Junior is doing something that a lot of people with crumbling lives tend to do: he’s projecting that onto everyone else by insisting that the entirety of society is crumbling. To that end, he apparently now sees himself as a potential savior who could maybe even run for office. No, really:


Keep in mind, this is a guy who can no longer even so much as get through an internet video without coming off as having something psychologically very wrong with him. But instead of getting the help he needs, he’s surrounded by sycophants in right wing media who are trying to convince him to run for office. He’s even further gone from reality than we knew.

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