Donald Trump gives away that he knows the jig is up

In the two weeks since it became clear that Donald Trump was going to end up criminally indicted in Manhattan, he’s used his social network to publicly lash out at everyone from District Attorney Alvin Bragg, to key grand jury witness Michael Cohen, to potential trial witness Stormy Daniels.


So when it was revealed on Monday that former Trump pal and former National Enquirer boss David Pecker was brought in to testify to the grand jury on Monday, you’d have expected Trump to begin tearing into Pecker as well, right? After all, Pecker is testifying for the prosecution, just like Cohen and the others.


Yet a day and a half after that news broke, Donald Trump still hasn’t said one word about David Pecker’s testimony. Why? Because Trump knows that this is so bad for him, there’s no point in even trying to push back against it. Pecker’s testimony lines up with Cohen’s testimony, which gives credibility to them both, and puts Trump on track for conviction at trial. And Trump appears to know it.

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