Disney just outwitted Ron DeSantis in the best way possible

When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided to punish the Walt Disney Company for daring to support LGBT rights, Disney more or less just sat there and let DeSantis do it – and everyone wondered why. Now we know why: Disney had a plan outwitting DeSantis at his own game.


It turns out DeSantis’ new handpicked Reedy Creek board is essentially powerless, because the old Reedy Creek board made sure the new board was neutered before it even got off the ground:


There’s little doubt that Disney was in on this plan all along. It explains why Disney sat back and let DeSantis “win” the battle of appointing a new board. This is a good reminder that DeSantis is a simpleton with zero political savvy, easily outmaneuvered by smarter adversaries.

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