Donald Trump’s lawyer goes off the deep end, compares Trump to Tupac in insane new video

Is Donald Trump trying to set some kind of record for the most cartoonishly inept legal team of all time? Or is it just that, after his joke of a former attorney Rudy Giuliani got suspended, and his other attorney Evan Corcoran had to testify against him to a grand jury, Trump just can’t find anyone remotely serious?


Either way, Trump attorney Alina Habba may have just taken the cake when it comes to ineptitude. In an insane (yet somehow real) new video, Habba claimed that “Donald Trump is Tupac.” She then went on to claim that “Donald Trump is Biggie Smalls.” No really, this happened:


Imagine you’re about to be arrested and arraigned on 34 felony counts, and you have two other indictments coming in other jurisdictions, and this is the best legal representation you can come up with.

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