There’s one more witness testifying against Donald Trump in Manhattan

Turns out Michael Cohen wasn’t the final grand jury witness in Manhattan criminal case against Donald Trump after all. There is one more witness testifying to the grand jury on Monday, per the New York Times. The indictment could then happen at the end of the day Monday, which may be where Donald Trump is getting his claim that he’ll be arrested on Tuesday.


In any case, keep in mind that more witnesses testifying means a stronger case against Trump. His defense attorneys keep insisting that Michael Cohen is the sole witness for the prosecution. But various major media outlets have already confirmed that the likes of Hope Hicks, David Pecker, and Kellyanne Conway have all testified to the grand jury. Keep in mind that the defense does not participate in the grand jury process, so all witnesses called are for the prosecution.


It’s not clear if this unnamed grand jury witness is Stormy Daniels, who reportedly met with the Manhattan DA’s office last week, or someone else. The most crucial witnesses tend to testify last. So whoever it is, it’s surely someone who had close proximity to the specific crimes that Trump is being indicted for.

We’ll see if this witness’ name leaks out in advance, or if staked out members of the media spot the witness entering or exiting the building on Monday. Either way this is getting fascinating down the home stretch.

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