The internet isn’t buying Donald Trump’s claim that he canceled his Iowa rally today due to the weather

Donald Trump made an effort to hype today’s Iowa rally, but videos and photos of the early crowd lined up suggested that turnout wasn’t exactly going to be great. So when Trump then announced that the rally had been canceled due to to tornadoes, let’s just say that the internet wasn’t buying it.


To be clear, there actually was a tornado watch in the Des Moines area today. Trump wasn’t making that part up. But numerous people on Twitter are pointing out that Ron DeSantis was also holding a rally in a different Iowa city today, and suggesting that Trump might have canceled his own rally for fear of headlines about DeSantis drawing a larger crowd.


Others have suggested that Trump was protesting too much when he made four posts to his social media site about how tornadoes had caused the rally to be canceled.

Again, there was a tornado watch today in the area of Trump’s rally. But when you’re a serial liar, people tend to presume you’re lying even when you might be telling the truth.

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