Donald Trump has bonkers meltdown as Manhattan grand jury returns

Donald Trump doesn’t have any good days remaining in front of him. The only question is how much or little he understands this, as he appears to drift back and forth between hopeful delusion and crushing reality.


Just yesterday Trump was telling reporters that he believed the Manhattan DA had dropped the criminal case against him. Talk about delusional. But amid reports that the Manhattan grand jury is set to return to business against him tomorrow, Trump is now swinging back to defeatist rage.


Trump is now angrily yelling that the Manhattan DA has “absolutely no case” on his social media network. Trump is also asserting that his Manhattan indictment is a “highly sophisticated method of cheating” in the election. Wait, so now he’s admitting he’s being indicted? Didn’t he claim just yesterday it wouldn’t happen? Things are getting so bad for him, he can’t even decide whether to rage about his dark fate or pretend it’s not really happening.

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