Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen team up to drop the hammer on Trump loon

Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels are both on the same side when it comes to the Manhattan criminal case against Donald Trump. Cohen is a grand jury witness, and Daniels has publicly confirmed her availability as a trial witness if needed. You can tell Trump loons are feeling the heat, because they’re now floating crazy nonsense about Cohen and Daniels both.


After a Trump loon took to Twitter to randomly accuse Daniels and Cohen of having some kind of affair, Daniels fired back with this: “I stand corrected. THIS is the funniest new rumor about me. I’ve never even met Michael Cohen in person and only talked to him via zoom last year on his podcast.”


Michael Cohen piled on with this: “The level of MAGA ignorance is off the charts. They make up bullshit, say it with conviction and think that makes it so. The first time we ever met was at the Avenatti trial.”

That’s how you team up to take out the trash.

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