Sorry Donald Trump, none of those words even go together

Donald Trump isn’t just losing all his legal battles and in danger of losing his freedom, he’s also pretty clearly losing what little was let of his mind. Now that he’s learned that Jack Smith has a smoking gun recording of him in the classified documents probe, Trump appears to be trying to prepare himself to be indicted for espionage at any moment. It’s not going well for him.


For instance, Trump posted this to social media earlier today. Remarkably, this is all just on big run-on sentence, consisting of words that don’t really go together. Also, every word of it is a lie: “Andy McCarthy, legal pundit of the dying New York Post, who will do anything Rupert Murdoch (should have helped him do better in the Dominion case!) and RINO Paul Ryan, who is killing FoxNews (down 36% from a year ago!) tell him to do, tries desperately to make the case that Joe Biden cooperated in the documents case, which he didn’t, & “keeps it in an unsafe place,” which he did (Chinatown, D.C., & open garage floor under Corvette, remember).”


We posted the entire above sentence just to make it clear how far gone Donald Trump is. There’s a franticness to his words suggesting that he’s now spending his time pacing around his living room, muttering bitterly to himself about how it’s all gone wrong, fretting about just how horrible things are going to get for him, and trying to convince himself that he’s somehow a victim in all this. Good luck, Donnie!

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