Donald Trump bottoms out with “catturd” debacle

Donald Trump wants you to believe that his criminal indictment can’t hurt him and he’s riding high. The trouble is, even with DeSantis falling off, professional conducted polls say that Trump is stuck at the same 55% support among Republican primary voters. That’s super weak for someone with his name recognition and recent incumbency, and his indictments are likely to drive him well below 50% within his own party, opening the door for someone else to take the nomination before he even gets to trial.


Trump seems to understand that his primary numbers are weak. So he’s been resorting to quoting a Twitter poll conducted by someone named “catturd” which claims that Trump has closer to 70% Republican primary support. No really, he’s quoting a Twitter poll conducted by someone named “catturd.” It feels like we should just keep repeating that until it sinks in.


Trump can’t even claim he just did this as a whimsical one-off, because now his official “Trump War Room” account on Twitter is also quoting the catturd poll as if it were real. Talk about bottoming out. At this point it’s more about Trump trying to convince himself that he’s invincible, so he doesn’t have to accept the fate he’s facing.

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