Donald Trump has clearly gone senile and it’s time we all say so

Last night Donald Trump appeared on the Tucker Carlson show and obsessively rambled about something called “nuclear warming.” He said it’s worse than global warming, it’s killing the planet, and he doesn’t understand why no one is talking about it. That’s probably because it doesn’t exist.


After Trump left office, his handlers mostly hid him from public view for two-plus years for a reason. When he has occasionally surfaced, the few people who’ve tuned in have been able to see there’s nothing left of his mind. It’s all rambling gibberish. Now that he’s been indicted, he’s putting out there more often because he’s desperate – and everyone can see he’s senile.


This level of senility isn’t going to magically get him off the hook from going to prison or anything. That’s not how it works. But the guy is senile. It’s bad. The more he appears in public these days after two years in seclusion, the more obvious it is. There’s just nothing there.

Trump’s on camera appearances these days are so tepid and so confused, at this point we have to presume that all the sharply worded stuff on his social media is ghostwritten. He’s not capable of being that sharp with his words. He’s Grandpa Simpson. Utterly befuddled.

Trump incoherently talks himself into a hole and tries to think his way out of it, but his brain isn’t giving him anything except some gibberish about another topic. You can see him trying to think, and getting frustrated that his brain no longer gives him anything to work with.

Trump isn’t having some senior moment. That’s when a sharp older person has occasional hang ups, which is totally normal, and in reality happens to people of all ages. But Trump is completely befuddled and brainless every time he’s in front of a camera these days. He’s consistently not at all there.

Yet no one is willing to just flat out say that Trump is senile. You’d need a doctor to say what specific condition has caused his senility. But you only need a pulse to be able to recognize that he now comes off as senile in every single public appearance he makes.

Trump fans don’t want to admit he’s senile for obvious reasons. The media doesn’t want to admit Trump is senile because then he’s irrelevant, which is bad for ratings. Many of Trump’s detractors don’t want to admit he’s senile, due to the mistaken fear it’ll let him off the legal hook.

So everyone is watching this completely senile blob pretending he’s running for President while he keeps getting arrested, and everyone is acting like he’s not senile. It’s insane. It’s like if he weren’t wearing pants but everyone pretended he was. He’s senile. JUST SAY IT.

Trump is now almost singularly obsessed with nuclear weapons and World War III, yet not a single word that he says about these topics makes any sense. It’s just random strings of words that don’t go together.

Trump’s malignant narcissism is why he’s obsessed with the end of the world. His life is over, so he fantasizes that everyone’s life is over. But Trump’s senility keeps him from even making any sense when he talks about the end of the world.

Trump was obviously in pretty bad cognitive shape back when he was bragging about passing the “person woman man camera TV” test. But he was Einstein back then compared to where he is now. He’s no longer there at all. He’s a mentally vacant imitation of his former self. There’s nothing left of him. And it’s time for everyone to just say it.

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