Donald Trump goes bonkers about latest leak, gives something away in the process

Donald Trump’s failed presidency was just one big “leak” after another. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut about state secrets. The people around him couldn’t stop leaking things about him and each other. The whole thing was a mess in that regard.


Now that a new U.S. intel leak has surfaced – one which curiously appears to help Russia – Donald Trump is suddenly getting very defensive about it. In a bizarre new social media post, Trump is even going so far as to accuse President Biden of having leaked it himself, in a classic and transparent attempt at projection on Trump’s part.


While Trump is on the verge of being criminally indicted for stealing a number of classified documents on his way out of office, this new intel leak isn’t known to have any connection to him. Yet he’s getting awfully defensive about it. Makes you wonder why. What’s he giving away here?

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