Donald Trump’s attorney just went on TV and made it even worse for him

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has reportedly obtained the kinds of communications that could potentially get Donald Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina kicked off the case. But with the way Tacopina keeps flaming out, Bragg might be better off letting him continue run his mouth for awhile.


Tacopina appeared on Meet The Press today and tried to advance a defense by insisting that Trump’s payoff to Stormy Daniels was personal funds, not campaign funds:


Chuck Todd rarely does his job correctly, but in this instance he did, pointing out that this kind of commingling of campaign funds would actually be worse from a legal standpoint.

As legal expert Katie Phang pointed out, using this defense strategy creates a whole new kind of legal problem for Donald Trump. Trump is essentially confessing to campaign finance crimes with this defense. We suspect it’ll he’ll be using a different defense by trial – and perhaps a different lawyer.

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