This vindicates Michael Cohen’s testimony against Donald Trump

When Donald Trump made the rare and risky move of requesting that his own witness Robert Costello testify to the Manhattan grand jury ahead of indictment, it was an attempt at destroying the credibility of Michael Cohen, in the hope that it would discourage the Manhattan DA from going through with the indictment.


But what’s made this such a strong criminal case is that it doesn’t rely on any one witness. If you don’t want to believe Cohen, then believe any of the numerous other current and former Trump allies who have also testified about Trump’s guilt.


In particular, legal expert Norm Eisen believes that today’s grand jury testimony from David Pecker vindicates Michael Cohen’s testimony, because Trump, Cohen, and Pecker plotted this scheme together to begin with:

It’s clear that the Manhattan DA has a deep bench of witnesses in this case who can corroborate each other’s testimony, and that’s what we’re seeing play out right now.

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