Donald Trump has unhinged 3am outburst after getting criminally indicted

Donald Trump has had a fair amount to say in the hours since he was criminally indicted in Manhattan, much of it frantic to the point of unintelligible. At one point Trump declared in all caps that he had been “INDICATED” (we think he meant “INDICTED”). Now, at 3:00am eastern time, Trump is having yet another outburst.


This time around, Trump’s outburst was fairly short: “WHERE’S HUNTER?” Well, okay then. What Trump doesn’t get is that no one cares about Hunter Biden at this point. This is about the crimes committee by Donald Trump, a career criminal who crimed his way into office, who committed more crimes while in office, and committed even more crimes in the name of trying to avoid leaving office.


Donald Trump’s Manhattan indictment is just the first step in bringing him to justice and putting him in a prison cell, where he’s belonged for several decades. If Trump can’t sleep tonight and is still awake at 3am yelling angry but irrelevant things, it just shows that he knows how bad this is for him. It’ll only get worse for him when he’s indicted by Fulton County and the DOJ on more serious charges to come.

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