“TEARS IN ITS EYES” – Donald Trump has incoherently sad meltdown as he falls apart

Donald Trump is very sad about his DOJ criminal indictment. We know this because he told us so. Well, he told us that others are sad about it, and since he’s the king of projection, it means he’s sad. In fact he may have even cried himself to sleep over it last night.


Trump declared this morning that “AMERICA WENT TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT WITH TEARS IN ITS EYES” about his indictment. Uh, no it didn’t. Polling shows that the majority of Americans think Trump should be prosecuted for his crimes. So maybe Trump is telling us that he went to sleep last night with tears in his eyes.


Of course Trump then went on to have his usual meltdown about the “RADICAL LEFT MARXISTS, FASCISTS, COMMUNISTS, LUNATICS, & DERANGED MANIACS” that are supposedly out to get him. But really he just seems sad. It’s over for him and he knows it.

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