Donald Trump seems to be looking for an excuse to bail

Even Donald Trump, who these days seems to be roughly 50% senile and at least 85% delusional, has to know on some level that he’s not going to be a viable candidate in the 2024 election with an Espionage Act conviction and prison sentence coming between now and then. Now he seems to be hinting at a potential excuse to bail on the whole thing.


Trump announced on Saturday night that he might be willing to cut a plea deal with the DOJ if it’s a scenario “where they pay me some damages” (yes he actually said this). He’s obviously confused about how any of this works, but it does make you wonder what he was trying to allude to.


Did Trump just half-incoherently give away that he’s going to try to cut a deal with the Republican Party where they pay him to drop out of the race? At this point he needs the money for his criminal defense fund, and he has to know deep down that he’s not magically going to end up back in the White house. So maybe this is the excuse he’s look for to bail out of the race. Some Republican megadonor hands him a billion dollars and he drops out.

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