Donald Trump has unhinged “Chinatown” meltdown on his way to New York deposition

Donald Trump is taking heat from so many sides today, he can’t seem to figure out whether to attack NY Attorney General Letitia James or DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith. On his way to his deposition in the James probe, he decided to begin ranting on social media about the Smith probe. Unfortunately for Trump, he doesn’t have much left in the tank.


This was the best that True could come up with: “Biden Obstructed with thousands of boxes loaded up with Classified documents, many stored in Chinatown, and you hear NOTHING about it. Why?”


We’re not even sure where to start with this. At this point there basically is no Biden classified documents scandal; he fully cooperated and that’s that. As far as this Chinatown thing, this isn’t the first time that Trump has given the impression that he thinks Chinatown is in China. Given that Trump lived most of his life in New York City, which has a Chinatown, and that Trump was back in New York City today for his deposition, you’d think he’d remember this. Apparently not.

As for Trump’s question about why you’re not hearing anything about this “Chinatown” scandal, it’s because it doesn’t exist. When someone obsesses over something that doesn’t exist, and then demands to know why no one else is obsessing over it, it’s a sign of failing mental competence.

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