Ron DeSantis is out to sea

It’s bad enough for Ron DeSantis that his attempt at a national rollout over the past month has cut his 2024 Republican primary polling numbers roughly in half. Now he has to contend with the fact that he’s still Governor of Florida, a job that comes with real responsibilities.


Many of you have seen the reports that the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is flooded (yes, climate change is real). In this situation the Governor is supposed to step in and offer assistance. But the mayor of Fort Lauderdale just announced that he still hasn’t heard from “Governor” Ron DeSantis.


Of course Fort Lauderdale is a liberal leaning city and didn’t vote for DeSantis, so maybe he’s trying to punish it. Or maybe DeSantis is too busy trying to feud with Disney and harass transgender teenagers. For all of the evil things that Ron DeSantis is, he’s also something else: negligently incompetent. He’s just not doing the job.

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