Nice try, Donald Trump!

This morning Donald Trump announced on his social media network that Fox News had supposedly called to inform him that it would be airing his Iowa rally scheduled for this evening. This would be a major shift, given that even Fox stopped airing Trump’s rallies awhile ago.


The funny part about this is that by the time Trump made this announcement, it was already pretty clear that bad weather was going to cause the rally to be canceled anyway. Sure enough, to was canceled due to tornado warnings a few hours later.


We still can’t find any indication from Fox News that it was actually planning to air Trump’s rally. It feels like Trump realized it was going to be canceled, and decided to put the lie out there that Fox was planning to air it, knowing he couldn’t really get caught in that lie due to the cancelation.

This Trump Iowa rally will presumably end up rescheduled at some point (though Trump holds few rallies these days). We’ll see whether Fox News ends up airing it at that point. For now we’re left to wonder if Trump was just opportunistically lying when he claimed that Fox was finally going to air one of his rallies.

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