After classified documents leaker is arrested, Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to make him into a hero

Today the Department of Justice arrested the individual who allegedly posted classified documents online relating to Ukraine. If this individual is guilty, then he’s intentionally put U.S. assets’ safety at risk, which is indefensible.


So naturally, Marjorie Taylor Greene is defending the guy:


This is ridiculous even for her. There is no possible legal or moral justification for intentionally compromising these individuals’ safety, regardless of what anyone thinks about the war in Ukraine. The leaker’s race, gender, and religion certainly have nothing to do with it.

Remember, Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the face of the Republican Party. The rest of the Republican House could reel her in or expel her for this behavior, but chooses not to. It’s important to make sure every voter out there understands that every Republican on the ballot in 2024 is every bit as sick as Greene is, whether they say the quiet part out loud or not.

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