Donald Trump has “degenerate psychopath” meltdown about all the “death and destruction” supposedly coming

Is it a bad thing when grand juries in multiple jurisdictions are on the verge of criminally indicting you? In a word, yes. It’s even worse when your own attorney is testifying against you to one of those grand juries. Donald Trump knows how bad it is that Evan Corcoran is testifying to the DOJ grand jury on Friday, and it shows.


Trump keeps escalating the insanity of his social media posts as the day goes on. He’s now graduated to prediction that “death and destruction” are coming if he’s indicted. He’s also calling the prosecutor a “degenerate psychopath” for daring to go after him. Funny thing is, he didn’t bother to say which prosecutor he’s referring to, since there are so many on the verge of indicting him.


Good luck to Donald Trump during his arraignment, when he’s forced to try to explain these posts to the judge who will decide if he’ll get bail or not, and if he’ll have social media privileges, while awaiting trail. Trump is screwing himself.

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