“TOTAL BULLSHIT” – Donald Trump has insane meltdown after his allies throw him under the bus

Bully-cowards like Donald Trump only tend to get anywhere when they can isolate and attack enemies one at a time. Now that Trump has been criminally indicted under the Espionage Act, numerous Trump allies ranging from Bill Barr to Mike Pompeo to Nikki Haley to Mick Mulvaney are all throwing Trump under the bus.


Trump can’t handle such bad news, and he has no idea how to fight against more than one person at at time anyway. So instead he’s pretending that it’s just Bill Barr who’s coming at him.


Trump posted an unhinged new video, falsely claiming that “everyone” except Bill Barr thinks the indictment is a joke. Trump is also claiming that Barr is only pretending to believe the charges are serious, and that it’s “total bullshit” that Barr is making such claims.

But weirdly, as the video goes on, Trump starts bitterly admitting that others like Mulvaney and John Bolton have also turned against him. Of course Trump goes on to claim that Fox News is paying them to say bad things about him, which is bizarre.

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