Donald Trump has midnight meltdown as it all falls apart for him

After Donald Trump’s attorney quit amid the news that Jack Smith was getting proof from the National Archives that Trump knew he was committing crimes with regard to classified documents, Trump threw a tantrum on social media and then went very quiet for the better part of a day.


But now Trump is having something of a midnight meltdown, throwing a bit at about 12:30am eastern time. Trump is falsely claiming that the FBI and DOJ are retaliating against former federal agents who are loyal to him, and is yelling “ELECTION INTERFERENCE anyone?”


The kicker is that this just shows how far removed from 2024 Donald Trump is. Even with everything falling apart for him, and his desperation to convince everyone that he’s going to be a candidate in 2024, all he’s really doing is ranting and whining about how badly he lost in 2020. It’s over for him. Even he knows it.

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