Donald Trump declares “kiss my ass” as it all goes wrong for him

Even as Donald Trump’s own former attorney now says he expects Trump will go to federal prison, Trump wants us all to believe that he’s instead somehow magically going to be a candidate in the 2024 election. The trouble is, as Trump gets more rattled about how own downfall, he’s having a hard time selling it.


At this point Trump would be better off if he went silent entirely, and let the media carry his water for awhile. Instead Trump is now doing idiotic things like sharing posts on his social media network in which one of his supporters declares “I will fight to the death.” Trump also shared an image one of his supporters created of Trump holding up a newspaper that says “Kiss my ass.”


So there you have it. Donald Trump has finally found his slogan for his imaginary 2024 campaign: “Kiss my ass.” For a guy who’s on his way to federal prison and knows it’s all over for him, it’s as fitting as anything else he could come up with.

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