Donald Trump’s “tried for treason” meltdown gives away just how much trouble he knows he’s in

Donald Trump is days away from being criminally indicted in Manhattan for financial fraud and in Georgia for election fraud. It might take a bit longer for DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith to bring the more complicated federal criminal charges. But Trump sure does seem to know what’s coming.


After Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired dishonestly out of context January 6th footage that he pretended exonerated the Capitol attackers, Donald Trump predictably had an outsized reaction on his social media site. But Trump didn’t merely falsely claim vindication. He demanded that the January 6th Committee be tried for “treason.”


It’s funny how Trump suddenly has “treason” in his head. He is, after all, the king of projection. Whenever he accuses anyone else of anything, it’s always because he’s guilty of that same thing – and it’s often because he fears he’s about to be exposed or nailed for it.

Given the legal definition of treason, Jack Smith is highly unlikely to indict Trump for it. But Smith’s investigation does include something along similar lines: the Espionage Act. Trump stole classified documents and seemingly attempted to use them for personal gain at the expense of the United States, which is textbook espionage.

Trump can’t accuse the January 6th Committee of espionage because even he wouldn’t be able to spin something quite so bizarre. So instead he’s accusing him of the crime that’s often considered to be the first cousin of treason, which is espionage. Come to think of it, given the total lack of familiarity with U.S. law that Trump displayed while in office, and the ineptness of the last dozen attorneys he’s blown through, he probably thinks espionage and treason are the same thing. In any case, Trump’s outburst helps give way just how much trouble he knows he’s in.

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