Donald Trump stunned into silence

Yesterday Donald Trump’s criminal defense attorney in the Jack Smith classified documents case – the one who oversaw the Mar-a-Lago search – abruptly quit. This attorney didn’t quit after he testified against Trump to the grand jury several months ago, so why quit now?


Now we’re getting what may perhaps he another clue: right after Trump’s attorney quit, he began ranting about Jack Smith on social media in absolutely FRANTIC fashion. But now Trump has since gone quiet, not having ranted about anything in nearly a full day.


This won’t last long, of course. It never does. But when Trump does occasionally go quiet like this, it usually turns out that he received particularly awful news that essentially stunned him into silence. So what happened yesterday that’s so awful for Trump? Is the departure of his lawyer even worse news than it looks like? Is the Jack Smith indictment about to drop? Stay tuned.

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