“An eye for an eye” – Donald Trump goes nuclear as he realizes it’s all over for him

Donald Trump’s life is essentially over, and on some level he knows it. He’s going to spend his final years rotting in prison and that’ll be that. He keeps trying to convince everyone (and himself) that he’s instead magically going to become President. But his own social media posts give away how bitter he is over his own downfall.


As part of Trump’s attempt at pretending he has a future, he’s insisting that “Democrats are rolling out their Fake Prosecutors” to try to sabotage his supposed 2024 viability. Trump is also saying “I hope Republican LEADERS are watching this. An eye for an eye?”


What does that even mean? He wants fake prosecutions against his political adversaries? Sorry Donald, that was only something you could pull off when you were still in office – and that hasn’t been the case for years. Enjoy prison!

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