Nashville city council is making its move to reinstate wrongly suspended Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones

When the Tennessee Republican state legislature wrongly expelled two Black Democrats yesterday in an openly racist political stunt, even the Republicans involved seemed to acknowledge that it would be a short lived stunt. After all, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson can take their seats back fairly quickly just by running and winning special elections. But it may not even get that far.


The Tennessean newspaper is now reporting that the Nashville city council is taking steps to reinstate Justin Jones, with a majority of council members now firmly on board. Even the council member who represents the one right wing-leaning part of the city is apparently now on board with reinstatement. The council will be meeting on Monday to take its next steps. There is a rule that says they must wait four weeks before filling a vacant position, but the council can vote to suspend that rule and potentially reinstate Jones on Monday.


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