Vladimir Putin reportedly suffers nervous breakdown

Vladimir Putin is in serious health trouble, or else the people around him really want the world to think he’s in serious health trouble. Various media outlets and leaks keep pegging him as having terminal cancer, or being gravely ill, and he’s not helping his case when he’s showing up in public what appears to be a gigantic new scar on his neck.


The latest media report about Putin is that he’s suffered a “nervous breakdown” (or even multiple nervous breakdowns, if that’s a thing) account of the stronger cancer drug that he’s supposedly taking.


Putin is so secretive these days, it can be difficult to try to figure out which of these media reports are real, and which of them are merely things that his enemies want out there about him. His rare public appearances and increasingly strange behavior don’t help. At the least, Putin is now weak enough that his enemies from within feel comfortable leaking these kinds of stories about his supposedly failing health.

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