Marjorie Taylor Greene gets into vicious Twitter feud with would-be Donald Trump staffer

Marjorie Taylor Greene already has de facto control over an illegitimate House of Representatives, thanks to “Speaker” Kevin McCarthy’s willingness to cower to her. Now Greene is trying to call the shots when it comes to whom Donald Trump is allowed to hire.


After the news broke that Trump was planning to hire right wing extremist lunatic Laura Loomer for his imaginary 2024 “campaign,” Marjorie Taylor Greene announced on Twitter that Loomer is “mentally unstable and a documented liar” who “can not be trusted.” Well okay then.


Donald Trump has since reportedly decided not to hire Loomer. That’s not a surprise. Trump is a broken weakling on his last legs, so of course he’s caving at the first sign of pushback. But it’s the latest sign that the entire Republican Party is pretty much being run by insurrectionist psychopath Marjorie Taylor Greene. Let’s make sure voters don’t forget that in 2024. The more Greene is seen as the face of the Republican Party, the more people will vote Democrat.

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