Donald Trump is digging himself a deeper gag order hole by the hour

The judge the Manhattan criminal case warned Donald Trump during his arraignment today that if he kept inappropriately running his mouth, he’d end up bound by a gag order. Trump sat there quietly and acted like he understood what he was being told. And really, your only chance of succeeding as a defendant in the criminal justice system is if you start by following the judge’s orders. But in the hours since, Trump has proven he’s incapable of succeeding in this arena.


During his speech on Tuesday night, Trump attacked just about everyone involved. He attacked Alvin Bragg and his wife. He attacked the judge, the judge’s wife, and the judge’s daughter. You can’t get much dumber than this.


The judge clearly doesn’t want to be seen as hitting Trump with a gag order arbitrarily. If the judge is going to do it, he wants it to be obvious way. By immediately going way over the line, Trump is making it easy for this judge to shut him down.

It’s not just a gag order, either. The judge will be deliberate about only increasing the restrictions on Trump by one increment at a time. But if Trump keep forcing the issue – particularly if he’s gag ordered and then he violates it – the judge can hit him with all kinds of restrictions, including taking away his internet privileges or even placing him under house arrest.

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