Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos got totally swallowed up in New York today

It’s a bad sign when you’re being arrested on thirty-four felony counts, and the most notable people who show up to support you are… Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos. That’s who you get after you finish scraping the bottom of the barrel, and have to look under the barrel.


Of course Greene and Santos were only there to try to make themselves look powerful and important, and not so much to actually support Donald Trump, who’s going to prison either way. But it didn’t work well for Greene or Santos, as New York City quickly swallowed them up.


Marjorie Taylor Greene tried giving a speech, but she was shouted down by the crowd, and she ended up leaving as the crowd heckled her. George Santos ended up leaving the scene in visibly dejected fashion:


As long as Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos are making themselves the faces of the Republican House, and the rest of the Republican Party isn’t doing anything to try to stop them, it’s automatically a good thing for the Democrats’ chances of winning the House in 2024. But today went particularly poorly for Greene and Santos. They’re in over their heads.

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