Donald Trump’s “World War III” declaration on Easter gives away that he knows it’s all over for him

Donald Trump has an Easter Sunday message for you: “World War III.” No really, that’s what he posted on social media today. He’s alluded to World War III a few times in recent months, but this time he did with no additional words or context. Just “World War III.”


It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here. Trump thinks he’s about to get indicted again very soon, which he knows will effectively be the end (or at least the beginning of the end) of his political viability.


Whether Trump guessing correctly or not about another imminent indictment, he’s trying to build his rhetoric to a final climax. The trouble for him is no one’s going along for the ride. Trump has been trying to rally his supporters for some kind of violent clash, but at this point they appear to be too afraid (or just too tired) to bother. Trump is alone in this, and he’s giving away that he knows he’s finished.

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