Did Donald Trump just tip off that his DOJ classified documents criminal indictment is imminent?

Now that Donald Trump has been criminally indicted in Manhattan, he has multiple additional indictments coming. We know the jurisdictions. The questions are when, and in what order? Trump may have just given us a big hint.


Even as Trump is busy yelling “World War III” on social media and tipping off that he thinks something is about to land, Trump has his attorney out there on TV pushing back against one specific case pending against him:


This makes sense. Best anyone can tell, all the witnesses in the DOJ classified documents case have already testified, meaning the indictment process is essentially finished except for any procedural cleanup that may need to be done, followed by a grand jury vote to indict. The classified documents indictment could theoretically happen at any time, even tomorrow. It could have already happened and be under seal. We don’t have any way of knowing. We just know that it’s at the very tail end of the indictment process.

The question is how Trump would know that he’s about to be indicted in the classified documents case. It’s possible the DOJ has informed his attorneys that his indictment is imminent. It’s also possible Trump’s team has simply done the math, with no witnesses remaining, and figured out what’s coming. In any case, Trump and his lawyers sure seem to think his classified documents indictment is imminent.

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