Even Bill Barr is admitting it’s over for Donald Trump

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is one of the biggest reasons Donald Trump isn’t already in prison. He abused his position at the DOJ to not only shield Trump from being indicted in his hush money scandal at the federal level, he also allegedly tricked the former Manhattan DA into not pursuing it sooner.


It’s not clear why the mainstream media is now putting Bill Barr on TV as a legal expert, when he’s really just an unrepentant career criminal. But even Barr is now admitting Trump is toast.


Barr recently (and falsely) claimed that the Manhattan criminal case against Donald Trump is a weak one. But now Barr has appeared on the ABC News Sunday morning show and admitted that the DOJ’s classified documents case against Trump is a strong one.

Why is Barr admitting this? Because he knows it’s coming, he knows it’ll be devastating to Trump, and he’s trying to get out ahead of it.

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