Donald Trump’s “going Soviet” meltdown gives something away

At this point Donald Trump isn’t even trying to make the argument that he’s somehow going to beat the criminal charges he’s facing. He’s just whining about how unfair it all is.


Take Trump’s latest social media meltdown for instance. More than ever he’s promising the laugh out loud lie that he secretly won the 2020 election. He’s also insisting that prosecutors are now bring “fake prosecutions” against him (we checked and those 34 felony counts are very real) in order to rig a future 2024 election that Trump won’t even make it to.


Specifically, Trump says that the Democrats and their fake prosecutors are “going Soviet” in the name of rigging elections. That’s cute, but we all know he’s just projecting. It’s an interesting choice of words though. Now we know that the former Soviet Union (translation: Russia and his pal Vladimir Putin) are very much on his mind. Hmm.

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