Donald Trump has psychotic ALL CAPS meltdown about Jack Smith, gives something away

Donald Trump really, really, really thinks he’s getting indicted very soon in the DOJ classified documents criminal scandal. That’s the only possible takeaway from Trump’s unhinged obsession with that case today.


Trump keeps making post after post on social media about the classified documents probe. Not the DOJ’s January 6th case against him. Not the Fulton County case against him. Not even the Manhattan case, for which he’s already been indicted and arrested. Just the DOJ’s classified documents case.


Specially, Trump has now posted an all caps meltdown about how “THUG PROSECUTOR” Jack Smith is out to get him. He’s also insisting that Smith was “ WAS PUT IN BY BIDEN TRUMP HATERS,” whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Bottom line is that Trump’s singular obsessive focus on just one of the multiple criminal cases against him is giving something away. Trump now seems certain that he’ll be indicted in the classified documents probe very soon. We’re left to wonder what, if anything, has tipped him off to what’s coming.

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