Donald Trump appears to be tipping off his DOJ classified documents indictment

When Donald Trump straight up announces that something is going to happen, such as when he claimed he would get arrested on Tuesday, and then claimed the Manhattan case against him had been dropped, it’s usually a lie. But when Trump begins obsessively pushing back against something in cartoonishly over the top fashion, it’s often a giveaway that that thing is indeed about to happen.


That brings us to Trump’s behavior so far today. First he declared “World War III” this morning. Then he sent his attorney in the classified documents case onto the Sunday morning shows to push back against that case.


Now Trump is having a lengthy whacked out meltdown on social media about that case hurling incoherent (and arguably unprintable) insults at the various Sunday morning hosts. Trump also insisted that his own attorney won the Sunday morning show arguments simply by declaring that “ Biden is the one who has problems.”

Well okay then. Nothing says “well constructed criminal defense argument” than generically claiming some other guy may have committed worse crimes in an a different scandal. Trump, with his rotting brain, still thinks criminal indictments are something you win by hurling one-liners on television.

But the point is that Donald Trump has spent the day cartoonishly and clinically obsessed with his classified documents scandal. That’s just one of several additional indictments he’s facing. He’s unwittingly tipping off that he’s certain the classified documents indictment is coming next, and coming soon. Stay tuned.

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