Donald Trump loses his shit once he realizes he really is going to prison

On the day of Donald Trump’s arrest and arraignment on Espionage Act charges, he decided to rant about Bill Clinton’s sock drawer. No really, this happened. This is how far gone Trump is.


Trump posted this to social media: “THE GRAND JURY WAS NEVER TOLD ABOUT THE PRESIDENTIAL RECORDS ACT OR THE CLINTON SOCKS CASE, BOTH EXONERATING!” Hoo boy, where do we even start with this nonsense?


The “Presidential Records Act” does not in any way allow a former President of the United States to possess classified documents, so that’s a laugh out loud non-starter. Then there’s Trump’s surreal claim that because President Bill Clinton retained some personal records, it somehow means that Trump was allowed to take classified military secrets with him after he left office and discuss them with random people.

What Trump is really admitting here is that he has no trial defense at all. He’s giving away that he’s reduced to going into trial arguing pure gibberish that has a precisely zero percent chance of saving him. Trump is giving away that he knows he really is going to prison.

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