Michael Cohen is back with a bang

When it was first reported that the Manhattan District Attorney had begun presenting a criminal case to a grand jury against Donald Trump in relation to Stormy Daniels hush money, we knew two things. Michael Cohen was going to be a crucial witness. And Michael Cohen was going to be put through the wringer.


While Cohen is reportedly far from the only witness for the prosecution in the case, he’s long been seen as a key central figure in it. So it’s not surprising that Donald Trump and his allies are now trying to spin up the narrative that Cohen can’t be trusted, Cohen is lying, Cohen is unstable, Cohen is a space alien, or whatever they come up with next.


But here’s the kicker. Michael Cohen’s latest book Revenge, released nearly half a year ago, has now climbed back up the Amazon sales chart and is currently the #1 bestseller in the “Political Corruption & Misconduct” category. That’s fitting.

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