Donald Trump just dug himself a deeper hole with the judge in his criminal case

Judges are assigned to criminal trials at random, but there aren’t a ton of judges in each circuit, so it’s not surprising that the Donald Trump’s Manhattan criminal case has been assigned to the same judge — Juan Marchan – who also presided over the Trump Organization criminal trial and the Allen Weisselberg criminal trial.


What’s also not surprising is that Trump is already attacking the judge. In a social media post, Trump asserted that the judge “hates” him, and baselessly accused the judge of conspiring with the District Attorney.


Trump is being very stupid about this. In a few days he’ll have to appear at arraignment, where this judge will decide what pretrial restrictions to place on Trump while awaiting trial. Even if the judge initially gives Trump minimal restrictions, that’ll change quickly if Trump keeps attacking the judge. We’ve seen it time and again in criminal court proceedings. Trump could have his social media privileges reduced or removed, and if it keeps up, he could face an outright gag order or even pretrial incarceration.

So if Donald Trump wants to keep running his mouth about the judge in his case, so be it. This isn’t civil court. This isn’t a judicial proceeding over a disputed executive order. This is the criminal justice system, where Trump as a defendant has no more pretrial rights than what the judge chooses to give him. And Trump is stupidly antagonizing that judge.

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