Lindsey Graham steps in it

Lindsey Graham has been such a cartoonish kisser of Donald Trump’s backside for so long, we’ve come to expect it by now. But it really is embarrassing that a United States Senator has reduced himself to being nothing more than a cheerleader for a traitor.


It’s no surprise that Graham is telling Fox News that Trump’s criminal indictment in Manhattan will “blow up our country.” No it won’t. The majority of Americans will say that it’s about time, his small-ish base will pout and whine and continue to be their horrible selves, and that’ll be that. Graham knows it too. He just thinks he’s Trump’s publicist.


The kicker is that Lindsey Graham ended up having to testify to the grand jury in the Fulton County criminal case against Donald Trump. With dozens of inside witnesses testifying, none of them can get away with lying. So we’ll see if Graham gave up Trump to save himself, or whether Graham will end up indicted for perjury. Either way he’s a dunce who just can’t stop stepping in it.

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