Donald Trump’s attorneys are all taking it on the chin today

Donald Trump’s attorneys have a long tradition of getting into legal trouble and needing their own attorneys, but that pattern went into overdrive today when several of Trump’s current attorneys took it on the chin.


Trump’s attorney in the DOJ classified documents scandal, Evan Corcoran, has been ordered to testify to the grand jury about the phone call in which Trump lied to him about the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. That’s right, Trump lied to his own attorney while committing a crime aimed at covering up his original crime.


Then there’s Trump’s new attorney in the Manhattan criminal case, Joe Tacopina. It turns out he previously communicated with Stormy Daniels about representing her in this same scandal a few years ago. Tacopina denies it, but CNN says the Manhattan DA is now in possession of the communications that took place between Tacopina and Daniels – and it could lead to the courts kicking Tacopina off the case.

Then of course there’s Trump’s attorney in the Fulton County criminal case, Drew Findling, who had this happen to him today:

These guys can’t win for losing. At this point the only Donald Trump attorney who seems to be coming out on top is Michael Cohen, and only because he removed himself from Trump’s orbit several years ago.

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