Donald Trump goes on unhinged illiterate tirade as it all falls to pieces for him

Donald Trump has been criminally indicted on thirty-four counts in Manhattan. He’s also expected to be separately indicted in Fulton County and by the DOJ. He’ll stand trial three times, and if he’s convicted in any of them, he’ll end up in prison. Perhaps they can teach him how to read and write once he’s there.


Trump couldn’t bother to surround himself with a proofreader or spellchecker even when he was serving as “President of the United States,” and the problem has gotten even worse now that he’s just an irrelevant Florida man. Trump went on yet another unhinged tirade today on his own social media network, but couldn’t quite make the point he was trying to make.


Trump went on his usual bender about how “Radical Left Thugs & Insurrectionists have taken over our Country.” We checked, and all the insurrectionists are still on his side, not on the left. Then he claimed the FBI and DOJ are trying to “Interfere with, Rigg, and Steal” elections. Rigg?

Rigg? Did he mean Riggs from Lethal Weapon? Why is he dragging Mel Gibson into this. Gibson has his own problems, but he’s not currently under criminal indictment, so let’s leave him out of this. The problem isn’t that Trump can’t spell. Plenty of people aren’t great spellers, and some of them are rather intelligent overall.

Trump’s problem is that he’s trying to present himself as a presidential candidate in a future election, yet he’s too much of a narcissist to hire a spellchecker to keep him from making embarrassing errors like this – and everyone just ends up focusing on these errors instead of whatever message he’s desperately trying to get across.

By the time Donald Trump reached the point in his tirade today where he was accusing the United States of being a “THIRD WORLD COUNTRY,” it almost felt like he was unwittingly commenting on his own lack of education. Whatever schools this guy went to, no matter how prestigious, he sure didn’t seem to learn anything there.

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