Donald Trump’s lawyers give away that they expect him to lose the E. Jean Carroll trial

Donald Trump is now just a couple days from the start of his civil trial against his accuser E. Jean Carroll. His attorneys have run out of ways to try to delay the start of the trial. So now they’re moving on to a new tactic instead.


Trump’s lawyers are now making last minute filings asking the judge to remove certain witnesses, after the judge already ruled that these witnesses can testify. This kind of strategy isn’t something that can actually get anywhere, and is instead merely an attempt at making it look like they’re doing something.


In other words, Trump’s attorneys are giving away that they expect him to lose this civil trial. They’re filing these silly nonsense motions – which aren’t even slowing things down – just to give Trump the impression that they’re trying. Whatever. Trump is likely to lose this trial and his own people know it.

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