Donald Trump throws a tantrum after his rally lands with a thud

Donald Trump’s big Waco rally didn’t air on any major cable news channel, did not appear to be well attended, and didn’t consist of anything more than the usual lame whining from Trump that’s defined every “rally” he’s held since getting booted from office.


Trump seems to know that his rally is a dud. Instead of using his social network to amplify the messaging from his rally, he’s already back to whining about his criminal indictment. Actually we should say indictments, plural, since he’s now whining about all of them.


Trump is now accusing Democrats of trying to “cheat” in elections by “criminally investigating a candidate.” That’s cute, but he’s been under criminal investigation in three jurisdictions since before he declared his imaginary 2024 candidacy.

Trump is also whining about how these prosecutors are making “lives miserable” and are destroying “families and friends.” Let’s take this for what it is. By whining about how poorly this is going for him, Trump is acknowledging defeat. This isn’t someone who thinks he’s in a winning position. He’s whining like someone who thinks he’s losing it all.

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