Mike Lindell and Donald Trump can’t get their story straight as it all falls apart for both of them

Donald Trump is on the verge of being criminally indicted in multiple jurisdictions. Mike Lindell, who has had his phone seized by the Feds, now claims he’s had to take out loans just to keep his crumbling My Pillow empire intact. They’re both falling on hard times. They’re also both incoherently insane – and now they can’t get their story straight.


Trump recently announced that Republicans were going to start “ballot harvesting” in order to fight back against the imaginary claim that Democrats have been “ballot harvesting.” That’s not even a real thing, but at this point of course Trump wants to cling to any magical conspiracy theory he can.


Except Mike Lindell, who has his own mentally unstable beliefs about the 2020 election, is insisting that the Republicans are not going to start ballot harvesting. Lindell even says that he’s warned Trump to stop saying such things:

To be clear, this is all completely nuts. This is like two guys stranded on an island and arguing about whether they’ll be rescued by a dragon or a flying space dog. Trump and Lindell deserve each other.

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