Donald Trump stunned into silence

Donald Trump is a lot of things, all of them bad, but one thing he rarely is? Silent. Yet ever since the judge threatened Trump with obstruction charges over his Truth Social posts about E. Jean Carroll, his posts about other topics have been fewer and farther between. Now Trump has gone silent entirely.


Trump hasn’t posted anything at all to Truth Social in more than 24 hours. Even the videos and generic article links posted to his account, which we presume tend to come from his social media handlers, have stopped entirely. Which is bizarre, because Trump’s account typically makes perhaps a dozen posts per day.


So why has Donald Trump been stunned into silence? Who knows? But something appears to have gotten to him, at least for now. Either that, or whoever has been doing his ghost-posting has decided to quit or something. Trump’s social media tirades will return eventually. But the timing of the current silence, with the Carroll trial bottoming out for him and Jack Smith seemingly near indictment, is interesting to say the least.

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